Cautionary Instructions

1, Do not wire money or share your financial information. Never share card details, bank details etc.

2, Transactions should be done in person. Overseas transactions should be strictly avoided.

3, Check and ascertain quality of products/services. Verify any claims made regarding quality, age, condition, warranty and other important aspects.

4, Refrain from making payments for jobs offered. Scammers may ask for processing fee, visa fees, registration fees and so on.

5, While buying automobiles, demand a test drive, seek expert opinion & verify service documents etc.

6, We do not verify the identities of the users of the website.

7, We never accept payment on behalf of the seller and do not participate in the transactions. Our responsibility is to connect people. It is your responsibility to protect yourself.

8, If something is too good to be true, it probably is. Do not be tempted by scammers.

9, We do not give unannounced gifts to users and we do not ask for your information in return.

10, Never share the details of your account with us, like password, Facebook login etc.

11, For property transactions, strictly deal with registered landlords, registered real estate companies and agents.